1. Taylor Swift - “Shake it Off” Official Music Video

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    Check Out the Winning Entries from the 2014 National Geographic Traveller Photo Contest


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  6. Last weekend myself and the boys took Judah on his first camp trip! Was great! Wish I was doing this again this weekend…


  7. "Tuqburni"
    — broken me
  8. aupaysnatal:

    You told me lies straight to my face,
    but I guess that’s fate.
    I said, “everything is fine with me.”
    I lied through my teeth.
    I’ve lost all of my self respect.
    I’m such a wreck
    I’m running out of air to breathe.
    I think it’s time for me to leave my friends all behind.
    Watch me hurt, or are you blind?
    I think it’s sad you’ll never know.
    My true feelings will never show.

  10. About to get on a boat for two hours to end up on Gili T at this amazing looking resort! Can’t wait to be snorkelling and relaxing at this spot. There’s no motorised vehicles on Gili so we’ll be taking horse and cart about.. Updates coming soon…

  11. Potato Head