2. About to get on a boat for two hours to end up on Gili T at this amazing looking resort! Can’t wait to be snorkelling and relaxing at this spot. There’s no motorised vehicles on Gili so we’ll be taking horse and cart about.. Updates coming soon…

  3. Potato Head

  4. Just relaxing before going out for cigars, dinner and a lot of drinks..

  5. #again (at The Seminyak Beach Resort & Spa)

  6. Just came back from a $5 hour long massage..

  7. # (at The Seminyak Beach Resort & Spa)

  8. Serious Business #nowerkjerk

  9. I laughed at this for way to long…

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  10. Plz šŸ™Œ

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    Missing you comes in waves.

    Tonight Iā€™m drowning.

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    fvck 24 months

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