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    Brooklyn Invitational 2014 - NOISE Cycles //

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  4. I’m really in love with this.. It’s simplicity and the risks you’d have to take. To the 600 people who score one of these ridiculous cameras… Please use it! And share not just the photos you got right but all the fuck ups!

  5. Taylor this week…..


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    don’t wait for people. don’t rely on anyone. do your own thing, move on and make yourself happy. 

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  7. iPhone 6 Plus, Space Grey, 128gb and Apple Watch 42mm Space Black Stainless Steel Case with Space Black Stainless Steel Link Bracelet. 

    Geek out.

  8. Lel

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  9. tonight's the night when we forget about the heartbreaks

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  10. oh hi

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  11. oh tay

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